Let's Talk about Google Ads the most important and unique platform in Digital Marketing for online growth, want to know how just start reading the below blog for more information about Google Ads. This is very important to understand what Google Ads are and what it can do with or without ads. First of all understand:

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a primary platform that can be used to promote an online business, help sell products or services, it raises awareness and it also increases website traffic. Here traffic means those people who came along to your website by search, referral, organically or may be in a paid form through Ads. Google Ads include:
Search Ad
Display Ad
Shopping Ad
Video Ad
Search Ad -

Now what Search Ad can do? Search Ads are those ads where people saw the particular ad after searching any keyword related to their interest. So, Search ads can be done for Direct Calls and Website visit. Direct Calls means particular phone number will be display on the particular keyword after searching then customer will directly contact you for the services. So, according to your budget spend on the Ads Google will rank your Ad and display it on the screen whether on 1st or 2nd Place or may be on the 2nd Page Too. It can be run on a particular location too.
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So Direct Calls means the number will be directly display to the page after searching an interest so when a visitor clicks on that particular ad then the call will be directly placed for any query or service for that particular interest. As you can see below image of Call Ad Also the call ads always prefer to rank on top of the Page.

Search Ad for website visit means If a customer wants to run an ad only for the number of visits to their website then only the search Ad will be recommended for branding purpose to aware an audience through our products & services and give them some knowledge about it. Also, it is the best way to connect with your target audience. As it is shown in the image below-
Display Ads -
Display Ads are those ads where graphics advertised on different online websites, media, and apps or on landing page. Display Ads Are like banner ads that can be showed on any internet surfing landing page. The main motive of display ad is to showcase their product clearly through graphics and create awareness among the site visitors. It helps you to reach people easily as they browse millions of websites. To advertise an App through Display Ad and All these Display Ads will be clickable.

Shopping Ads -

It is an E-commerce ad whenever a particular visitor search for online shopping related keywords then only the ad will be display and it will provides you the detailed information related to the featured product for increasing the chances of more conversion or make easier for the visitors to the direct on the particular page of that product for Purchase. It is the most efficient and relevant ad for the visitors who search on a particular interested keyword.

Video Ads -

Video Ads are for the YouTube Video Advertising platform whether it is for Feed Ad or Skip Ad on the channel of any particular you tuber or influencer. It helps to increase views, likes, and subscribers on YouTube with the help of skip or feed ad and also it helps in increasing the watch hours and monetize a channel via Ads.
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As shown in the image below the skip - stream in Ad and Feed Ad

This entire thing comes under the Paid Ads.

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